Eurodesk Cyprus November 2012: Employment and Entrepreneurship

A bilingual interactive newsletter about the employment and entrepreneurship, a field of the EU Youth Strategy. Youth Unemployment is in Europe reaches the 20%. European Union intents to smooth the transition from education and training to the labour market through the initiative “Youth on the Move” , one of the 7 flagship initiatives of the growth strategy “Europe 2020”.


    • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs- Interview: “Host Entrepreneur”
    • Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs- Interview: “Young Entrepreneur”
    • “We Mean Business” Campaign.
    • Job Vacancies and Traineeships in EU institutions.
    • Good Practices at a local level.
The publication is available HERE.
My impressions: A unique opportunity to get informed about the programme “Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs” by interviewing the “Host Entrepreneur”, Mr. Michalis Charakis, and the “Young Entrepreneur”, Vasilis Tobros.

“Youth Opportunities Initiative” is part of the EU’s initiative “Youth on the Move” and aims to drive down youth unemployment.


Workforecast: The work forecast for young people

Europe is called to tackle the problem of youth unemployment. There is not doubt that the young people is a vulnerable group. In some countries the youth unemployment reaches the 60%. The young people are facing the danger to be excluded from the labor market.
The website “Workforecast: The work forecast for young people” allows the users to check the weather forecast for their country and take action by writing to the national Minister of Labor. So, get informed and take action for brighter working days!!!