Yintro: Stepping into the Youth Information

The Youth Board of Cyprus and the National Agency of the “Youth in Action Programme”  organized a  successful training course in Limassol between 27th of November 2011-2nd of December 2011. The training course was based on the ERYICA module “Yintro: Stepping into the Youth Information”.In the training course participated 18 youth information workers from Cyprus,Malta,Belarus,Lithuania and FYROM.

The topics of the training course were:

  • Background  and  Principles  of  Youth  Information
  • Youth Information in Practice
  • The Art of Working with Young People in a Youth Information Setting
  • Continuous Professional Development in Youth Information Work

The participants through workshops, teamwork and other non-formal education methodologies  acquired additional knowledge and skills concerning the field of  youth information.Some of the participants interacted with local youngsters by asking them about their needs. During the training course the participants had the chance to create their own youth information products, exchange good practices, define the competences of a good youth information worker and develop a strategy concerning the field of youth information.

It should also be mentioned that the participants had the opportunity to enrich their cultural perspectives by interacting each others.

Special thanks to Eleftheria,Varvara, Andria and the Youth Information Centers.