A Very European Break Up

The short  film “A Very European Break Up” is a satire of the debt crisis in Europe . It is an 8 minutes film about the unhappy marriage of Germaine, a workaholic German business woman and Greco, a “lazy” Greek man.  The film is available online and it is not for profit. Moreover, the director intends to  show the impact of the economy on the daily life.

The actors are volunteers coming from different countries.

  • Yiannis Alexiou: He comes from the island of Kos in Greece. His opinion about the crisis is ‘The Troika that have been supervising Greece for the past year or so have spent most of their time bullying or taking holidays away rather than coming up with any real solutions.’
  • Fleur Poad: She is half German and half English. Her opinion about the crisis ‘I really have no idea about the financial crisis as I have always been good with my own money.’
  • Dolores Reynals is half Spanish and half Argentinian. Her opinion about: ‘As a half Spanish-half Argentinian I am no stranger to economic crisis. But I am having a hard time having a view on this one, it just makes me think about not spending the virtual money I have made-up in my head.’
  • Alex Roseman was born in the Great Britain. His opinion about the crisis is ‘Debt crisis: It’s happened before and it’ll happen again.’

Music:  Markos M-Triantafyllou, a half-Greek, half-German composer.
Director:  Bob Denham, British.

Find more information about the film in the official website of the Econ Films.

Source: Econ Films