Graffiti for Peace

 Another Initiative funded by the Small Grants Programme “Youth Powers”.

The young people of Cyprus gathered and express themselves through the art of Graffiti. The initiative was an idea of Petros Herakleous and was funded by the Small Grants Programme “Youth Powers”. The aim of the project was to promote the peace and reconciliation among the Greek and Turkish Cypriot youth through the art of graffiti. The project had the support of the Greek Cypriot organization “Peace Centre” and the Turkish Cypriot association “E.M.A.A: European Mediterranean Art Association”.

The project implemented in four phases. In the first phase it the participants and the artists disgusted about the political perception of the art and how the artists may endorse the ideals of peace and reconciliation through their work. During the first phase, the participants developed their skills in the art of graffiti with the help of experienced graffiti artists. During the second phase it took place a demonstration by graffiti artists. In the third phase groups of Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriot youth created their own graffiti. In the fourth phase it took place an exhibition of the art work of the participants  to the public in Limassol and Famagusta.

The Buffer Zone became a place of art, creativity full of “youth” and “power”, the art work of the participants is still there giving a positive message. The young people from the two communities met each other and exchanged views through the art of graffiti leaving behind any kind of stereotypes. The youth of Cyprus gave the message of peace.

Congratulations to Youth Powers Cyprus, Petros Herakleous, Peace Centre and E.M.A.A: European Mediterranean Art Association.

Find more information about the project HERE.