Master Thesis Project

The following Master thesis project was conducted in the final semester of my Master studies.

Title: The impact of culture on civic participation in the digital era: the case of the European Cultural Foundation: The link between civic participation, cultural production, and consumption


Politics and, cultural production and consumption activities are among the essential dimensions of the social and political life. Firstly, they may shape and be shaped by different social infrastructures. Secondly, they may define the allocation of power within the society. Cultural production and consumption activities should not only be regarded as a form of entertainment but also their impact on politics. Cultural production and consumption practices may stimulate civic participation. That is to say, they may function as a vehicle of citizens’ encouragement to voice their opinions through artistic manifestations. The establishment of online communities may facilitate the gathering and networking of citizens interested in civic participation and, cultural production and consumption practices. Non-governmental/ non-for-profit organizations dealing with the promotion of civic participation through cultural production and consumption manifestations may facilitate the access to a wider audience to the cultural public sphere. The study was focused on the case of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF). Specifically, the data collection procedure was conducted mainly on the online community of the ECF Labs, a platform established by the ECF. The primary goal of the platform is to gather citizens keen on politics and cultural production. Among the main findings was that cultural production and consumption activities may mobilize citizens to participate in the political and social life. However, if there is an absence of the necessary infrastructures cultural production and consumption activities may have no impact on civic participation.

Keywords: cultural production and consumption, internet platforms, cultural public sphere, ECF.

The Master thesis is available HERE


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