A chronicle of a life experience: 23/12/2010-Day 2- The Israeli impact

Well…In the morning after the breakfast we play some really interactive name games.While we were getting know each other, we welcomed the participants from Israel, a group that had the strongest influence in my linguistic,cultural and spiritual investigation. I have never listened people speaking in Hebrew.The sound of that language was unique and beautiful,I was enjoying listening the Israeli participants speaking in Hebrew,one of them wrote my name in Hebrew.

I got a lot of things from the Israeli participants,such us,I became aware of the yiddish language and culture,the language of the European Jews and also the ladino language and culture,the language of the Sephardi Jews.Yiddish and Ladino,are two very unique and beautiful languages.Yiddish,belongs in the group of the Germanic languages but it uses the Hebrew writing system.Ladino, is a dialect of the Spanish language with many elements of the ancient Spanish,sometimes it uses the Hebrew writing system,sometimes the Latin.The culture of the Sephardi is the Jewish perspective of the Spanish culture.

During the day,we expressed our hopes and fears,we drawn our flower of identity and we felt free to ask questions about the other religions.Our multicultural and interreligious flower was very beautiful. By discussing and asking questions freely about the costumes,the gender issues and the holy days of other religious I gave the chance to myself to get over a lot of stereotypes,especially about the Islam.In the western world the Islam is linked with the terrorism and tortures.In fact,the Islam teaches love,compassionate and equality,Islam is something beautiful.

Finally,the second day helped me a lot to open my mind and my heart to the different religious perspectives.Since,then no religious perspective seems weird to me,moreover,it is an opportunity to look further inside myself and to learn more about other cultures.


One thought on “A chronicle of a life experience: 23/12/2010-Day 2- The Israeli impact

  1. Lovely Marie… You are so generous with your love to languages and culture…. Hope your light will shine through.

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