A chronicle of a life experience: 22/12/2010- Day 1

It was an afternoon of the 22nd of December 2010 when I was preparing my luggage for an interreligious journey. I was wandering why did I apply to participate in that youth exchange since I have no need for spirituality.The religion is a kind of brainwash,ignoring and denying whatever is not in the “Holy Book”.

Coming to the hotel,in the city center of Nicosia. I pass regularly by the Ledra Street but I have never noticed any hotel near the “Eleftheria’s square”. I opened the door and I saw some people speaking in Arabic,I liked the sound of that language even though I couldn’t understand anything.Then I went to the reception and I told to the girl that I was one of the participants of the youth exchange.The girl pointed the people who were sitting in the sofa,the ones who were speaking  in Arabic,were also some of the participants of the youth exchange.

Then,I went upstairs to leave my luggage.I was really curious and excited to meet the other participants as well.Ten minutes later, I went downstairs and I got impressed since I saw,Cypriots,Lithuanians,Estonians,Jordanians,Egyptians and Palestinians talking and laughing.The image it was really beautiful,I wish I had a video camera to capture that moment.

After,we play name and icebreaking games in order to get to know each other.It was amazing,the unknown faces started having a name and personality….and the journey has just begun!


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